Obama Hiding in Tahiti (On the Run From Justice)?

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from Barry Soetoro:

Obama MISSING for a MONTH (Runs from Justice)?


(WEBY-AM) Carl Gallups asks why Obama went missing (in Tahiti?) for ONE MONTH. Located in French Polynesia, Tahiti won’t extradite political criminals — and Obama fits that category!

FREEDOM FRIDAY covers Obama’s sudden month-long disappearance. Did Obama spend his MONTH in Tahiti fleeing jail for illegally spying on US Citizens (Project Dragnet)? Or was Obama just hiding for a month until Americans forgot he wiretapped Trump during the 2016 election season?

Yet another reason Obama might have vanished on Tahiti — perhaps he was shopping for a place to retire, on French territory beyond the reach of US extradition.

Obama Spying gets WORSE:

Obama SAFE on French Soil?

Obama Flees Overseas:

Obama Flees USA, Hides Overseas! (Fugitive in French Polynesia)

Obama SAFE on French Soil, says Extradition Treaty (Tahiti, French Polynesia)

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