Michelle Obama FAKE Tahiti Photos!? (French Polynesia)

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from Barry Soetoro:

Michelle Obama FAKE Tahiti Photos! (French Polynesia)


Why are Michelle Obama’s ‘Tahiti trip’ photos FAKE? Mainstream media show Michelle ‘paddle boarding’ with Obama in French Polynesia — but her pictures are sloppy fakes, created in Photoshop!

Everyone can spot the visual mistakes as Michelle (aka Michael) paddles around the crystal Tahiti waters. Was Michelle Obama even there? Or was Michelle digitally added to simulate a ‘happy family vacation?’

And why such sloppy Photoshop work? Was CIA rushing to create fake photos, placing Michelle ‘with Obama’ during his month-long Tahiti escape?

Perhaps NEITHER Obama was in Tahiti — perhaps the Obamas are hiding elsewhere, since Obama got caught wiretapping Trump and using NSA to spy on millions of Americans.

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