#PizzaGate – Out of Darkness Into the Light – Episode 7 – The Illuminati

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from End Times News Report:

#PizzaGate – Out of Darkness Into the Light – Episode 7 – The Illuminati


A brief history of the real Illuminati and the role they play in child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse. Including information on Shabbetai Zevi, Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt, Ted Gunderson, Jeffrey MacDonald, John Podesta and Aleister Crowley.

Many people have heard of the Illuminati. To some, the name refers to a secret cabal of powerful men who function as global puppet masters, pulling the strings of politicians, bankers, businessmen and celebrities. To others, the name represents a complete fabrication – a fairy tale that is only believed by ignorant conspiracy theorists and tin foil hatters.

But despite the many incorrect assumptions and interpretations, there is truth to the existence of the Illuminati, including that fact that they are purveyors of child sex trafficking for the purpose of satanic ritual abuse. As an understanding of the real Illuminati will help shed light on the dark practice of child trafficking, let’s take a few moments to examine the history of the Illuminati.

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