Hunter S. Thompson: #Pedogate Participant, Snuff Film Director?

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from Late Night With David Letterman, via jerkylfish:

Hunter S. Thompson: #Pedogate Participant, Snuff Film Director?


Hunter S. Thompson on Letterman, 11/25/88

NOTE: In this November 25, 1988 appearance on the Letterman show, listen to madman Hunter S. Thompson ramble on about how he likes “to kill” and then mentions “shooting people”, and note how quickly Letterman downplays it and covers it up.

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The passenger they took on in Nevada filmed the entire thing, and Bonacci recalled that his name was Hunter Thompson.

“I think it’s kind of strange that Hunter Thompson would commit suicide at this time,” says Gunderson. “Several kids told us that he directed snuff films. I think it’s a strong possibility that he was murdered and I strongly suspect that it’s all connected.”

And the speculation on the Internet has been that Thompson was either killed to prevent his coming forward, or that he killed himself because he feared his role as a director of child snuff films would be proven true.

DeCamp also expressed some surprise at the timing of Thompson’s death and says he still believes Bonacci’s claim is true. Stephenson, the blogger from Seattle who has investigated the Gosch case, is also suspicious.

“I wonder, did he know? In light of Paul’s (Bonnaci) testimony regarding the snuff film, I submit he knew quite a bit,” he says. “The timing of his death was interesting.”

The snuff film that Thompson allegedly made with Paul Bonacci is believed, based on Bonacci’s description of the surroundings, to have been filmed at Bohemian Grove, a summer camp of sorts for the rich and powerful. Bohemian Grove is a secluded area outside Sacramento, Calif., where world leaders and dignitaries meet annually for a retreat that involves neo-pagan activities, including mock human sacrifices made before a large Owl statue referred to as “Moloch.” While conducting this ritual, which they call “The Cremation of Care,” participants are dressed in druid robes and chant and sing before Moloch.

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