Alien ‘Proof’ Allegedly Shuts Down 4Chan [PICTURE]

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from Heavy.com:

4chan alien picture, 4chan reptilian alien photo

Early Thursday morning, an image alleging to show an ultra realistic reptilian alien was shared on 4chan image board forums. Soon after, the website went down and the picture was deleted. See the allegedly partially recovered photo here.

According to a Pastebin about the post, the original thread that shared the image went online “anywhere between 12am and 2am” on Thursday on 4chan’s /pol/ board, short for “Politically Incorrect.” It was titled “24489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C,” the claimed location that the picture was taken.

The official Luke Airforce Base website writes that the base was established during World War II and is currently an active-duty F-16 Fighting Falcon training base.

According to reports, the image allegedly taken near the base was only live for about a minute. Soon after, the entire site went down and the thread with the alien photo was wiped. The original photo now cannot be found anywhere. However, a “partially recovered image” of the alleged alien photo can be viewed below.

4chan alien picture, 4chan reptilian alien photo

A description shared on 4chan about the contents of the original photo reads:

The aliens head was seen from the left side and it was looking to the left in the picture and slightly at the camera. Almost diagonally. I did see the alien, yellow scales black eyes with small pursed lips. Thought it was a shill thread so didn’t open but saw the pic” They ayylmao looked like it had scales all over and was dark in colour. Its eyes looked like dried up prunes and had human like features but much smaller in comparison to its head.

A poster then adds that photo was “super high quality.”

Soon after, people suggested it was a “reptilian,” one of the “species” of aliens common in UFO lore. The idea was popularized by British conspiracy theorist David Icke, reports The Guardian.

However, some 4chan posters were not so swayed the mysterious photo. Some suggested that it was an image of Jonathan Reed’s alleged encounter with a reptilian alien that has been circulating since 2012. Reed claims that he encountered an alien in the woods in Washington state with his dog. Reed ended up killing the “alien” with a tree branch. However, when he got home, the alien came back to life, left, and the government showed up and took all his evidence except his photographs.

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