We’re ALL Debt SLAVES – Here’s Why

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from Black Pigeon Speaks:


We’re ALL Debt SLAVES – Here’s Why


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  1. TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    August 19, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    We’re All Debt-Slaves. That’s 100% correct. Including those on the “Left” (LIB-TARDS) who think that SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM is the answer to the dreadful “Capitalism” (of course, they don’t bother to educated themselves about the difference between FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM, and what we actually have today ~ CRONY-CAPITALISM (or, CRAP-ITALISM). Just ask the 66 MILLION slaughtered in Russia, by the COMMUNIST-KHAZARS under Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin (1917-1953), who were financed, by ZION-ists Jacob Schiff, and Paul & Max WARBURG. Oops. Too late. Yes, We Are All Debt-Slaves. Including those on the “Right”, who may be ZION-ist “Christians”. Who have never taken the time to EDUCATE themselves about what the ideology of ZION-ism actually represents.

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