Trump Picks Former Goldman Sachs Banker As Treasury Secretary

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from jsnip4:

REALIST NEWS – Appears Trump Picks Former Goldman Banker Steven Mnuchin As Treasury Secretary


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  1. ruthing

    December 2, 2016 at 11:12 am

    The Trumpeter has little choice in selecting “The Truthful Ones” because his duty is not to be Truthful but to “Make Amerika Great Again”. Besides, should he “Come Clean”, he’ll be Cleansed. Asap.

    “Choice” is merely the word for “Restricting Freedom”. This is because when Democracy & Freedom is ALWAYS practiced as Demonkrazy & Abandonment, Being Free means Being Freed to Be Nonsensical/Abandoned, Humanised Capitalism being The State of Being Free To Be Nonsensical [with Humanised Communism being The State of Lacking The Freedom To Be Sensible].

    Hands up those those who are unable to see because their eyelid muscles are unable to let them see. Shorely not you too, Toots.

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