How Much Silver Is Enough?

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from jsnip4:

How Much Silver Is Enough?













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  1. Michael Anenberg

    December 22, 2016 at 10:12 am

    Those that have been buying a little every month are the ones that will become members of the inevitable wealth transfer. If those that haven’t bought any as of today don’t move quickly, they will miss out on any kind of wealth conservation. Do not be afraid. It takes courage to convert paper dollars into Real Money.
    Those that waited? You make the call. Gold or Silver? Now? Tomorrow? When will you start?
    Do something with patience in mind. SAVE your hard dollar earnings in the metals.
    Silver and Gold is MONEY. Buy it. Save it. Use it later. No Banks!
    Some have 100 ounces. Some have 100,000 ounces. But one thng is for sure:
    Act now.

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