Jim Willie — GOLD SOARS, BREXIT Could DETONATE Deutsche Bank!

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from SilverDoctors:


Part 1 of a 2 Part Interview with Jim Willie!

1. Next Big Pillar to Fall Could Be Deutsche Bank! We Could See A Breakdown Event in DB In the NEXT WEEK!
2. Gold and Silver Are Moving into 2nd Gear – I Think We’re Going to Make A Rather Quick Move Towards $1,900!
3. I Think We Will See a 5 FOLD Gain In Silver…RAPIDLY!
4. The March Towards Gold Currencies and Gold Trade Notes IS ON!
5. US/UK Debt Downgrades Coming Soon. Gold Is Just Getting Started!
6. If Gold Sticks Above $1300 the Next 24 Hours, We’re Going to Get A Short Squeeze
7. BREXIT is a VOTE Against the System, Next Vote is GOLD AGAINST THE DOLLAR!
8. Run On COMEX Gold July Delivery: Something’s Different This Time!
9. China Suddenly Begins Accumulating Silver
10. Dollar Devaluation Might Be Simutaneous to the BAIL-IN EVENT
11. No More Money Printing – QE Will Be Pushed Out of the Picture, Next Comes $21 TRILLION PENSION FUND CONFISCATION!
12. This Will Wake Up the American Nitwits