RED ALERT INFO — THE ARCH OF BA’AL & The 9/11 Satanic Sacrifice

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from theJonathanKleck:

VIDEO: “You’re looking at the Twin Towers dead center in the Arch of Titus.  Titus DESTROYED the temple in Jerusalem on 9/11…!  So you have the arch of Titus, the arch of Ba’al, that was built by Freemasons, and you have the land, that’s directly in the center of the arch which was purchased by the Rockefellers that own the Federal Reserve. These are Luciferians that go back to TITUS.  The destruction of the twin towers on 9/11 was a sacrifice to Ba’al.”  And the depiction of the event is even embedded in our currency, hidden on the $20 bill. “These are some wicked, evil people that own the Federal Reserve. They put the bombings on the Reserve notes knowing that it would make this image, knowing that they could watch the destruction and death of all those people through an arch way.”

This information will blow you away.

KLECK - 04.12.16 - C5

KLECK – 04.12.16 – C5

KLECK - 04.12.16 - C3

KLECK – 04.12.16 – C3

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