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The Demonic Truth About MK-ULTRA From Survivor ‘ELISA E’

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from The Kev Baker Show:



Some of the information we learn during this show is unbelievable, yet very real.

Are you aware who, or what, the real power is behind all of these MK-Ultra programs?

This is the SHOCKING TRUTH about MK-Ultra from someone that lived it, and is still deprogramming as we speak.

The team on Truth Frequency Radio would like to thank Elise for coming forward and shedding light on what is actually one of the deepest and darkest topics we have covered to date.

Topics include…

  • MK-Ultra
  • The programming techniques
  • The bloodline families
  • Multiple Personality Disorder
  • False memories
  • Triggers
  • Handlers
  • Interdimensional aspect to mind control
  • Interdimensional aspect to sex rituals
  • The missions Elise was part of while under programming
  • Cybernetics
  • Cloning
  • Spiritual warfard
  • and more



Our Life Beyond MKULTRA, Books 1 and 2, is an insider’s story of intentionally designed trauma-based mind kontrol Multiple Personality Disorder and her resultant use involving government, military, intelligence, religious and corporate organizations and institutions, as well as the insidious kontrol of humanity by a eons old cross-dimensional species involved in hybridization and cloning. The demi-gods and Nephilim of old have a predominant role in her story, having encountered them repeatedly in the altered consciousness of trauma-based mind kontrol programming as well as in full waking consciousness. It is a journey through the mind fragmenting “black tech” being utilized by a bloodline network of human victims to these malevolent beings who are now it’s minions and perpetrators. Elisa’s is a story of abilities attained through this process, some of which still remain well into her deep deprogramming years which began in April 2008. Her story takes you through hybridization, cloning and cybernization, though not in the future, instead already here and successfully implemented in the black projects of high level total mind kontrol.

MK-Ultra - Color Collage of memories of Elise E

Elisa contends she is a hybrid, preconception, and in the late 1980s became aware of her clones. What’s more, she speaks to the current state of mind kontrol technology in use as involving not only hybridization and cloning, but post-birth cybernization and the design of human looking beings who are actually soulless, and that some already walk among us.

Cover2Our Life Beyond MKULTRA is contained in 2 Books to provide the perspective of not only the horrendous programming and her “on task” years running decades, but the life threatening journey that continues in deep deprogramming. Her contention, “once MKULTRA, always MKULTRA,” however the dismantling and manageability of her still surfacing alters and programs has allowed an intelligent and self-aware evaluation of not only her own situation, yet that of the “next level” End Time agenda now affecting the globe.


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  1. Slava T.,

    January 13, 2019 at 6:34 pm

    I live in Toronto, Canada. I was not in any space ship, did not meet in person with any out of space beings, and no I was not in a militarized experiment of any sort. HOWEVER, what you are described in the West of the Rockies, published on YouTube in January 2017 describes my experience about 80%. It was wild, maddening, and I am still living in the Hell from it, only in a diminished form. Is there any help out there?

    Basically I was sitting in my living room when the bee buzzing began in my head, f

    I was in my fifties at the time, late fiftieis. Never done drugs, not even a drinker. Not a smoker. Mediation played a heavy part of my life then. Preceding this even I was under tremendous fear of loosing my job, and I was afraid I would not be able to regain my status in life. There were also other factors inducing more fears, but without getting personal it was not an imaginary fear. Real life events which culminated at the time.

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