Praying Mantis and Grey Beings – Allies? Or Foes?

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by Linda Moulton Howe, Earthfiles:

Part 2:

The feeling I got was that the Praying Mantises were protecting me energetically so that whatever the Grey types were doing to my chest — and maybe my head? — could be completed.”

– G. S., TV Director, Toronto, Canada

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December 22, 2015  Toronto, Canada – After the vivid meditation experience with the Praying Mantis being in 2010, “G. S.” had not encountered any more mantis entities until August 16, 2015. That second unsettling encounter in an altered state of mind and body involved Grey beings and mantises.

Two weeks before after midnight on August 3, 2015, G. S. was on the rooftop of his Toronto, Canada, condo building with his girlfriend when they saw an unidentified “cylindrical craft in a halo of amber and soft green light,” rotating slowly clockwise in the sky.

He emailed me:

“As someone who has practiced meditation for 40 years, the topic of Consciousness as an all-permeating reality is something I have experienced and fully embrace. After all, where is there any place that consciousness is not? It is as fundamental and basic as the Source for all creation. In fact, Source and manifestation are the same in whatever form the creation appears. So if some understanding or experience unfolds that is on either an inner or outer level, is it not unfolding from and sustained in the one Universal Field of Consciousness where all knowledge, information, or experience exist?

Yet, the power of experiencing things in three dimensions through our 5-senses is what most of us believe in or think of as truth or reality, and not the finer awareness that is subtler than what the senses can know. That is the issue I sometimes grapple with since that first and only experience of encountering what I learned to call a Mantis being. See Earthfiles Part 1. Because it happened in an out-of-body state of awareness is it any less “real” than if, for example, it happened while cooking dinner in my kitchen?

Fast forward to the year 2015, after midnight on August 3rd. I was a beautiful summer evening and I’m sitting on my condo rooftop in downtown Toronto under the light of the full moon. With me is my girlfriend, Ally.

The sky is clear, star-filled, and beautiful. At 12:24 AM, I noticed some movement in my peripheral vision. In the sky travelling from northwest of my downtown condo rooftop location towards the moon that was southeast of Toronto was a subdued, almost shadow-like object. I pointed to the sky and asked Ally:

“Do you see what I’m seeing?”

She immediately responded:

“It’s tumbling.”

I excitedly jumped in on her description and qualified her observation:

“Tumbling means it’s falling. This is not falling. It’s twirling on an even trajectory, spinning slowly clockwise!”

G. S. pointing at cylinder slowly rotating clockwise surrounded by light green and amber halo seen with his girlfriend next to him atop G. S.’s Toronto downtown condo building. The full moon is in far upper right corner. Illustration © 2015 by Douglas Vanasselstine.

Ally asked:

“Is it a satellite?”

I said, “Satellites are orbiting at least 400-500 kilometers high (about 300 miles up). We can’t see them except as a dot of light. But this is flying belowthe commercial jets overhead!” [Editor’s Note: Average jet cruise altitude is between 30,000 to 45,000 feet above mean sea level, or about 6 to 8.5 miles.]

With regular flight paths over the city, it is easy to observe that up until about 10,000 feet high, the commercial jets keep their bright frontal lights on after takeoff. Then beyond that altitude, they’re turned off. This object was below those commercial jets.

What we were seeing was a cylinder-shaped object twirling or spinning ever so slowly in a clockwise direction at an almost slow-motion momentum. It very much looked like the videos of a satellite rotating through space, yet close enough for us to see its shape and form with the naked eye. It was cylindrical and traveled within a larger halo of subdued light, slowly alternating between amber and green. It looked like the cylinder was a 4:1 ratio, possibly 5:1, of length to width. [Against fingers raised against the sky, it measured approximately 5mm and with the halo added was closer to 7mm in diameter.] The slowly rotating object was lower than the few scattered clouds.

I did not have a camera or phone, but I did have a very powerful laser pointer that I use to point out the different constellations and stars as a hobby. So I immediately directed my green laser pointer at the cylinder passing overhead and hit it with the beam a number of times, much like I could see the laser hit the side of a building in the distance with a focused dot. The cylinder’s surface seemed like it was a reflective surface judging by the green laser’s reflectiveness. I zapped the cylinder multiple times as it was moving in the direction of the moon. As it rotated silently across the sky towards the southeast direction of the full moon, the cylinder disappeared from view obscured by the moon’s brightness.

Both Ally and I saw this cylinder. Not only that, we both saw the powerful green laser pointer reflect off the object as it twirled slowly overhead. As if defying the laws of gravity and behaving more like an object floating in space, how can a cylinder-shaped object sustain itself in the sky below an altitude of 10,000 feet without aerodynamic wing design or standard jet propulsion? This was a total mystery of high strangeness, but it didn’t end there.

Praying Mantises and Grey-like Entities

Two weeks later, on August 16th, I attended a conference in Toronto about quantum physics and the universe. Afterwards the conference organizers, guest speakers, and invited guests attended a party at a friend’s downtown condo social room. I left my home that morning in a rush and had not eaten all day. Needless to say, I was feeling starved. A plate of brownies was being passed around. I didn’t realize that there was a chemical “enhancement” to the recipe. While the brownie’s were all fairly small and symmetrically arranged together, one in particular stood out because it was 4-times the size of the others. That was the one I took!”


G. S., TV Director, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: “About 45 minutes later, I was sitting with people at the party when I suddenly became very ill physically — like pepper was flowing through my blood. My heart raced out of control, I was sweating profusely and was very uncomfortable from head to toe.

I excused myself from the conversation and went to a corner of the party room to sit down. It was a very big party room on top of somebody’s condo. There I tried some yogic breathing to regulate my body and slow down my racing heartbeat. I was on the verge of asking someone to take me to the hospital, but then I knew that would be very messy, so I just tried my best to breathe and control the out-of-control feeling in my veins.


I sat in that chair with my eyes closed for the next five hours. I could hear people around me at the party, but I couldn’t get out from within myself to interact or engage with anyone even though some people checked on how I was doing.


G. S. Could Not Move

As I sat there, I became aware that something shifted. The panic in my physical body wasn’t quite the same. But I felt like I was being held down. I couldn’t move. My hands were on the arms of the chair, my legs were both flat on the floor. I felt paralyzed and could not open my eyes. Then came a moment when I felt like there was a light over my head. And there were some beings looking at me.

These beings looked like what I would call classic Greys, only they weren’t grey. They were deep brownish-red or reddish-brown and were looking my body over.

G. S.’s altered state perception of three deep brownish-red Grey-type entities trying to work
with a ring instrument resembling a car steering wheel above his head. The Grey environment
seemed to be a circular craft, while another part of G. S.’s mind knew that he was still
sitting in the chair in the corner of the Toronto condo party unable to move his body
or to open his eyes. He felt like he was in two dimensional tracks or timelines simultaneously.
Illustration © 2015 by Douglas Vanasselstine.

The only other feature that stood out was a ring with bars crossing inside of it similar to a car steering wheel that looked like it was made of copper or brass. I don’t know if it was free-floating or if it was being held, but it was over my head. And I would say it was maybe two feet in diameter at most. Maybe a little smaller. I don’t know what it was doing over my head. During the entire time of those five hours sitting in the corner at the party while experiencing the other reality with the non-human entities, I could sense three, maybe four, deep brownish-red Grey-type beings seeming to look over my body.

I could feel that the left side of my body was significantly heavier than my right side. The Grey-type beings were doing something — I don’t know if it was to my heart or my lungs. But in that area, there was bubbling like when we see videos of cells multiplying and they sort of bubble from one cell to the next again and again — I saw that kind of bubbling. And it looked like it was over my left lung where there was a muddy, brownish-red color like a growth that was the same tint as the beings. It was growing and growing and growing. I could not move that left side of my body, but the right side didn’t feel as stuck.


I could not determine if they were trying to heal something or doing something else to me. That was not clear to me, but I sensed there was an interaction between Them and me that also had something to do in my head.

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