Nuclear Disaster St. Louis Update on West Lake Landfill

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from MsMilkytheclown1:


Nuclear Disaster in St. Louis Update on West Lake Landfill w/ Byron DeLear

VIDEO: Important updates about the St. Louis nightmare, Fukushima and much more. This Week’s Featured Interview: Byron DeLear lives near the West Lake Landfill in North St. Louis, Missouri, and has been involved in clean energy issues as chairman and CEO of Energy Equity Funding. He is a columnist with Examiner.com and is currently running for state representative. We spoke about latest developments on radiological nightare site – the flood, the fire – as well as the politics behind the West Lake “nuclear hot potato.”

Numnutz of the Week:
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is taking recycling a wee bit too far as it proclaims plans to use radioactively contaminated soil from Fukushima in public construction projects. Hey, those lawn and garden bags haven’t been worth anything in holding the nuclear garbage…!

And In This Week’s News:
More than I have time to go into right now – but in 14 minutes, you’ll know more about what’s happening in the nuclear part of the world than any single politician running for President (…unless Bernie’s been listening to the show…).

The Missing Links:
New scientific, peer-reviewed report on the West Lake Landfill, published in the Journal of Environmental Radiactiivity, shows hows radioactive contamination has migrated off-site. http://tinyurl.com/jszbesf
Tracking legacy radionuclides in St. Louis, Missouri, via unsupported 210Pb
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity http://tinyurl.com/jszbesf
Volume 153, March 2016, Pages 104–111

Dr. Ian Fairlie on radioactive Tritium in the water — and why it’s not a good idea to try to boil it off, like TEPCO wants to do at Fukushima. http://www.ianfairlie.org/?s=tritium Fukushima: Evaporating tank contents is not the solution

National Geographic’s (pre-Murdoch purchase) article: As Sea Levels Rise, Are Coastal Nuclear Plants Ready? http://tinyurl.com/zoea3xw

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releases new Progressive Action Guides (PAGs) on “allowable” radioactivity in your food and water… and it’s hardly progressive.http://www.nuclearworld.net/pag/ New Protection Action Guidelines Will Leave You Chilled to the Bone

Nuclear Hotseat #237: West Lake Politics, Update w/Byron DeLear http://tinyurl.com/jtznuzs

Nuclear Hotseat main page for archives: http://nuclearhotseat.com/archives/

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