Agenda 21


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from grindall61:

VIDEO: Toll Free IE: Speech text:

All day long we have to hear about how there is no money, how the roads are in disrepair, that their is too much congestion.

California is the highest taxed state AND the most populous. That means this state collects far more taxes then any other state yet we are constantly in this huge hole. Money never has been and never will be the problem. There’s plenty of it. The problem is you guys waste money like it’s nothing. Over at SANBAG they spent 10’s of thousands of dollars building walls, desks, hiring security, and installing metal detectors because 1 woman started coming around.

You claim there is no money but SCAG wants to install the most expensive toll lanes ever in the history of this country.

We have no money but SCAG wants to spend 500 billion dollars thats half a trillion dollars to implement their regional transportation plan.

All of these problems that you claim we have are manufactured.

We are told there is too much traffic.

We have to much traffic because the people who run this state have allowed millions of people to come into this country from all over the world unimpeded. Millions. There are millions of extra people on our roads, clogging up our freeways and contributing to the wear and tear of the roads.

We are told there is not enough money from the gas tax.

The reason why there isn’t enough money in the gas tax because our state gives healthcare, education, welfare, and all kinds of other freebies to illegal aliens.

Deport illegal aliens and there will be far less people on the road and we’ll have all kinds of extra money because we won’t have to pay for their crap anymore.

So as a result of California’s failed policies or successful depending on what side of the war you are on. We are now told that we need VMT.

We are fed this lie that somehow we will pay less if the gas tax is eliminated and we get tracked and taxed for every mile we drive. You are saying there’s not enough coming in so why would you suddenly change the system so that you collect less money. Just one of many lies.

You guys lie to us and say you are doing everything that you are doing so that we can have more options as if you are doing us a favor. Did I mention that you people are waging a war against us? You aren’t doing any of us any favors.

Let me tell you something, the truth is the state of California is going to re-attempt to pass the gasoline rationing that was contained in Senate Bill 350. If you reduce our gas by 50% there won’t be driving for most people in this state.

So you aren’t putting bikes, trains, and buses everywhere because you are doing us a favor. You are doing it because you are trying to take our gas away. This is no different then the state trying to ban ammunition. A gun is worthless without bullets and a car is worthless without gas.

We see through your agenda and it is so easy to poke holes into it.

Constantly I see government employees and bureaucrats who say what’s wrong with regional government when we are protesting it as if it’s actually a good thing. Well, there is a lot wrong with it. First and foremost it’s unconstitutional.

Second, this whole SCAG regional transportation process proves why regionalism is terrible
for this country.

An associate of mine and I discussed sitting down and reading the thousands of pages that are in the Scag Regional Transportation Plan and the EIR document. Making notes and eventually publishing a report refuting the plan. Unfortunately we have less then 2 months from the start and didn’t discuss this until about a week ago.

Here’s why regionalism is bad. The whole idea of reading the documents and publishing the report are not even possible given the time constraints. Secondly, even if we were able to get the report complete we would then have go to 191 elected representatives in 191 different cities and try to convince them to side with us on the vote. 191 people. And we only have 2 months to do all of this.

We advocate for localism and local government. If the same thing were happening in a local city we would only have to convince 3 people to agree with us on the plan. That’s 3 vs. 191.

That example that I just read is the very reason why this regionalism has to stop. It completely shuts we the people out of the process.