Breaking The Power of the Rothschild/London/Wall Street Axis

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Note: I received this update from our good friend Harley Schlanger today and I wanted to pass it along immediately as we close out 2015 and look ahead to the global grass roots fight for LIBERTY in 2016… Happy New Year. ~ SGT Report

by Harley Schlanger, SGT

Given what is about to happen in Europe, as a result of a combined increase in QE, and new bank resolution rules — including bail-ins — the pessimism which abounds here on the eve of 2016, regarding both the future of the European Union, and the survival of many European nations itself, is well-founded! There are several things I can report to you from meetings here over the last three weeks:

1. There is a clear recognition that Obama is a Satanic figure. Many people realize that the EU is a puppet state of Wall Street and the City of London, and that Obama was chosen to ram through their policies. While there is still a delusion that the economy is better in the U.S. than in Europe, there is private acknowledgement that the global economy is imploding, and the financial system — i.e., the debtor, fiat money system — is hopelessly careening toward disaster.

Four banks in Italy have already been put through “bail-in”, with 10,000 “investors” losing their savings. There have been 130,000 layoffs by banks since June 2015, and no one believes that European Central Bank head Draghi will succeed with his plans for Quantitative Easing.

2. The refugee crisis has brought home the reality that the “war on terror”, as run by Bush and Obama, was never about defeating “terrorism,” but about imposing national security states in the “homeland,” while building up barbaric instruments, such as ISIS, to deploy for maximum chaos. While most don’t go as far as stating that U.S. policy is to build up ISIS, Al Qaeda,, they blame Obama, and not Assad, for the refugee crisis. And there is fear that the powers behind Obama are preparing for war with both Russia and China.

3. The anti-Putin sentiment has dropped considerably, as there is a growing recognition that Putin has completely outflanked Obama. (This is not just recognized in Europe, but in the U.S., as well.) The Seymour Hersch article, which identifies patriotic U.S. military and intel networks turning against the CIA/Wall Street forces behind Obama, and reports that they are acting in concert with Syria and Russia, has received extensive coverage in Europe. Kerry’s comments last Saturday, that the U.S. no longer supports regime change (though Obama is still saying Assad has to go) is taken here as a sign of a real split in the U.S. — though there is no trust in Kerry as an “independent operative.”

My message to my European contacts is that, while it is good that there is finally recognition that Obama is a merciless killer, until the power of the Rothschild/London/Wall Street axis is broken, we still are in grave danger of an existential crisis for civilization in 2016.

Best wishes to you and your readers as we work to make the New Year a better one.