The Drowned 3-Year Old Syrian Refugee Boy

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by SGT, SGT Report:

A 3-year-old Syrian-Kurdish boy from Kobani who drowned in the Mediterranean on Tuesday night has come to symbolize the tragedy of the refugee crisis sweeping Europe. #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik (“Humanity washed ashore”) went viral as the harrowing photo was shared.

I’m still a mess after watching this video so I feel compelled to write about it. A 3-year old Syrian boy drowned in the Aegean Sea Tuesday night. There is a Syrian Refugee crisis happening right now, as you read this, and our own government has caused it.

As Kay Bratt tweeted, “The world should weep. Yet, they do not.”

I weep. I don’t know what else to do. My heart breaks for a world that is falling to monsters like those who are responsible for these crimes against humanity. My heart aches that it is my criminal government that is behind so much of it.

Please watch this powerful video before reading on.

My wife came into the kitchen tonight while I was re-watching this video and she caught me in a moment of unrestrained anguish and asked, “What’s wrong?

Where does one even begin?

My wife knows about the 9/11 false flag event that set all of this into motion. But like most Americans she doesn’t really understand the details of the US government backing Al Qaeda to topple and murder Gadaffi in Libya. She doesn’t remember that NATO, the Pentagon and their proxy forces turned that once beautiful country into a parking lot all in the name of the “war on terror”.

Just like they did in Afghanistan. And Iraq.

My wife doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about Syria and Assad and the fact that Zionist traitor John McCain has openly bragged about his close ties to Syrian rebels. And that the Pentagon created ISIS and is supporting ISIS and ‘Syrian rebels’ in an effort to topple Assad.

How many Americans understand the scope of the program that has led to the murder of so many Christians in Syria, and the flood of Syrian refugees who now flee their war torn country and take to the sea in rubber boats by the thousands in a desperate attempt to escape US backed rape, torture and murder? And for what? To get to Greece? The Bankers have already turned that country into an economic hell hole. But at least the Pentagon’s ISIS forces aren’t there. Yet.

And about that innocent 3-year old little Syrian boy, the mainstream media tells us, this child’s plight should concentrate minds and force the EU to come together and agree to a plan to tackle the refugee crisis.

Oh really? The EU should “come together and agree to tackle the refugee crisis?” That’s just brilliant. I have a lot better idea. How about coming together and forcing the goddamned United States and British governments to stop inciting proxy wars, fomenting terror, and destroying entire nation states in the absolute nightmarish charade they call “the war on terror”.  How ’bout that?

Look, I’ve been saying for a long time now that at this point in history it’s humanity VS the Banksters.  Remember what Mike Rivero taught us? All wars are Bankers’ wars.

It’s high time that humanity rises up and arrests these bastards. They have been manipulating humanity and guiding history right down the shit hole for centuries and it has to stop.

Syrians are fleeing by the tens of thousands in a desperate attempt to save their lives from the US-Pentagon backed terrorists who hunt them.  In fact, US-backed “Free Syrian Army” terrorists are killing Christians and destroying Christian churches. Do you think that traitor John McCain doesn’t know this?

Incidentally, that 3-year old drowned Syrian boy isn’t just an anonymous statistic. He has a name.

According to the Guardian, “Turkish media identified the boy as three-year-old Aylan Kurdi and reported that his five-year-old brother had also met a similar death. Both had reportedly hailed from the northern Syrian town of Kobani, the site of fierce fighting between Islamic state insurgents and Kurdish forces earlier this year.”

The United States government is responsible for what is happening right now in Syria. Our government, by way of its insane, overtly evil policy of supporting ISIS in Syria, killed Aylan and his brother.

You should know the truth. Here’s what ISIS really is, how it was created and who created it:

How many more 3-year old little Syrian boys will die because of the ridiculous, unconstitutional, endless “war on terror”?  This is what 9/11 has wrought. And it was a wholly premeditated false flag operation orchestrated by the intelligence apparatus of the Israeli Mossad, Pentagon and related US deep state agencies. That’s a 100% fact. Don’t believe me?  Here is the absolute horrifying truth about 9/11, names and all.

And this is what 9/11 has gotten us. Debt and death.

As many others have noted, what’s going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria – and now at home on the “domestic battlefield” as Naomi Wolf has outlined, is not a “war on terror”, it’s a “war OF terror” and it’s being executed at the highest levels of the US and UK governments.

A coup ha taken place.” – Naomi Wolf

So I cry for the 3-year old Syrian boy, Aylan. And I cry for the many more who will die in the days, weeks, months and years ahead as a result of these endless unconstitutional Satanic wars of overt aggression.

I weep for the innocents.

As one person wrote about the 3-year old boy named Aylan, “May this beautiful child rest in peace – and may we all be forgiven for our dastardly parts, either by acts of commission or omission, in failing to help him.”

But I weep for me and you too. Because we have blood on our hands. We didn’t stop any of this. Not in Afghanistan. Not in Iraq. Not in Libya. And so far, not in Syria.

In Budapest, a 13-year old Syrian boy has a message for the world: “Syrians need help now! You just stop the war and we don’t want to go to Europe. Just stop the war in Syria. Just that.

And I weep because I don’t know how to.

photo: Reuters via The Guardian