Mockingbird BBC Reporter Schooled About 9/11 by Professor

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from Muslims and the World:

VIDEO: The only people who still believe in the 911 fairy-tale are the really ignorant. But this BBC reporter takes the prize for incredible stupidity. He clearly has no idea about the basic scientific laws which the official story overlooks.

This short video is a collection of highlights from the interview in which Michael Rudin from the BBC questions the Danish Professor Niels Harrit on why he opposes the official story. The level of intelligence exhibited by this reporter is so ludicrous that its like a Grandmaster playing chess with a two year old.

Dr Niels Harrit first tackles the point about the 19 Hijackers, of whom there are no documented records or videos to show they were on those planes, then they even turned up alive in other countries. On top of that, the official report has these random hijackers making flying moves that even top class pilots say are impossible to perform, which makes the whole hijacking story very unlikely.

Then Rudin gets schooled about the hijackers passport, which was found on the site, magically undamaged. Which Rudin believed was thrown out of the flight by the hijacker through the plane window, just before the crash. Another important fact which the official story neglected to address, was the steel girders, that were blown to smithereens and flung over a radius hundreds of metres wide. Only a powerful explosion could have caused this, but the science has been staunchly denied by the officials.

The full video is very much worth watching. You can view it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF334x…