Financial Crash Definitely by 2016 — Charles Hugh Smith

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from Greg Hunter:

Plenty of people think there could be another financial calamity as early as fall of 2015. What is financial writer Charles Hugh Smith’s timeline? Smith predicts, “I see the motivation and the trend unfolding along those lines. They may be able to save it for another quarter, or maybe it will be the first quarter of 2016. We don’t know the exact timing, but they just keep winding the spring tighter and tighter. It is an attempt to control the exact circumstance they are all afraid of, which is the wheels falling off. All the spying, the manipulation and the propaganda are all about trying to control events. So, when things spin out of control, they will have already used all the tools they have. . . . I definitely think there is going to be some sort of event, and we are starting to see it now. Maybe they will stretch it out to September or October, which we all know is historically when crashes tend to occur. Then, they might unleash some sort of save, QE 3,4,5,6, whatever and pull things out of a hat. That would cover things up again for another few months, but I definitely think by 2016 that there are going to be events that they are going to be unable to control. . . . These wild swings in the market are reminiscent of 1929.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Charles Hugh Smith of the popular financial website

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