Seymour Hersh: Controlled opposition. Osama Bin Laden, 9/11 and a pack of lies!

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by Katherine Frisk

It would appear that Seymour Hersh in spite of his “credibility”and track record, has willingly or unwillingly become a media red herring to obscure, rather than expose the truth. In the last week the name Hersh has occupied many headlines.

According to many credible sources, Benazir Bhutto was one of them and not surprisingly was assassinated in 2007.. Osama bin Laden, aka CIA employee Tim Osman, died in December of 2001 in a CIA Minneapolis, Minnesota hospital of kidney disease.

His name and persona were used as a battle cry for the war in Afghanistan, which among other things has achieved a $billion a year heroin industry.


With all due respect to Hersh, he needs to come to terms with the fact that his “audience ” is more informed and more sophisticated that is was 15 years ago. The raid on Bin Laden in Pakistan in 2012, long since dead, was a scam and a political, propaganda production boosting Obama’s ratings. It was also used to overshadow the wedding between Prince William and Kate, which in turn resulted in them cancelling their honeymoon. Way to go “It’s the British” haters! Score one for you. Spitefulness is endemic to the “I WIN,”at all costs reptilian mind.

Instead brainwashed Americans had their focus re-aligned on another hollow victory and cheered and waved their little flags at ground zero, the scene of the biggest false flag in history.


James Corbett’s  review is still the BEST summation of the total inside job and criminality of 9/11!