For Immediate release! – THE USA DEATH NAIL: SECRET T.P.P. FAST TRACK PASSED — THE U.S. HAS DIED. JULY 4 TH 1776 TO MAY 21, 2015 R.I.P. — Welcome To Neo-Feudalism

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Warning: Justified anger & language. Please click through to kevin blanch & subscribe, tell him SGT Report sent you.

from kevin blanch:

JULY 4 TH 1776 TO MAY 21 2015 she (WE the People) THE UNITED STATES HAS PASSED away:It is official, the United States which has been sick since 1980, HAS PASSED AWAY – SHE IS DEAD. She was born SOMETIME IN THE 1770S, to a loving father GEORGE WASHINGTON, and her loving god father Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson, she was nurtured by her WET NURSE Paul revere and Samuel Adams.

She was taught at a very young age to PROTECT against cheap imported goods, (tariff act of 1789. She had overcome great struggle as an infant, but she found strength form her Uncles teachings (tariff act of 1789. She had been violently attacked as a young girl by an English Murderer (the war of 1812, she was ageing nearly killed by royal cotton slave owners who nearly kidnapped HER. Thousands of HER SONS AND DAUGHTERS died defending her. As a young adult she never lost her childhood teachings of protection of her people her sense in dignity and honor and respect to all People AS SHE WANTED a SQUARE DEAL FOR ALL. In her middle ages she was again attached by a radical kidnapper who nearly took her (the Japanese ROYAL FAMILY AND THE Hitler INSANE KILLERS. BUT after fighting of all these evil forces in her life, she finally succumbed to GREED, the official cause of death WAS IGNORANCE. Her executor of the will and benefactors KING Georges great granddaughter, issued a statement we the jolly old England who was once our child pre 1776, we will be taking over all affairs and interest. WE WILL BE KEEPING our Military colony, NEAR VALLEY FORGE, at the old capitol in Washington D. C. all United States citizens are now officially the property of the HOUSE ON NUCLEAR (Windsor, Hanford). thank you to the GOP UNCLE TOM OBAMA, and the soft ball liberals, that hijacked the old democrats, thank you to the Democrat super betrayal 8, thank you we never believed it could be so easy, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, signed the QUEEN and her honored court of CORPORATION board members, also we would like to extend a great thank you to the Propaganda American MEDIA for making this all possible. DEATH NAIL.

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