Syria Condemns Saudi-led Attack on Yemen

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Syrian ruling Baath Party condemns Saudi -led coalition airstrike on Yemen International Parliament Foreign Minister : Yemen is a volcano to World Security and Intel on Israel’s suspicious Role

by Nahed Al Husaini, Veterans Today.com

The ruling Baath Party, the mouth piece of the Syrian Government condemned unequivocally the Saudi- led coalition airattack on Yemen labeling it as “flagrant aggression” on the country sovereignty. The Party also considers it as a “dangerous precedent” in respect of inter-Arab relations and vows to stand firm by the Yemini people side.

In this context, Syrian think-tank Dr Bassam Barakat said “the joint military operations against Yemen came in coordination between the Gulf states, the US and Israel, in order to destroy the capabilities of the Yemeni army and weaken Ansarallah resolve who upholds Arab causes and surmounts US-Israeli project in the region.”

Barakat on far right with US delegation to Damascus Security Conference (December 2014)

“If the Saudi-led coalition troops launch a ground offensive against Yemen, the probabilities are they will defeated and will incur huge losses,” Barakat added.

Meanwhile, The Foreign Minister of the International Parliament in the US and the Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information Dr. Haissam Bou-Said revealed that the Yemeni scene is a continuation of the unfolding plot on the Middle East. He says “The Saudi airstrikes will plunge the region into enormous volcano,” warning that this escalation will not bring a solution to the internal problems in SANAA, but on the contrary, it can be an agitating factor to grow a sense of religious and ethnic conflict.

“The Saudi-led coalition air raids on ” Houthis ” military bases is bound to blow up the region security as a whole. Such an escalation is considered very dangerous and reflects the failure of the Saudi leadership to administer the crisis in the Middle east,” Dr Haissam elaborated. He remarked that This failure started in the Syrian and Iraqi Conflict where the goals and objectives were not compatible with the new US policies, especially the one relating to the ongoing diplomatic talk with Iran on its nuclear program. “The Saudi-led coalition is now pushing the region into a Sunni-Shiite religious struggle, in order to maintain hegemony on the region,” he affirmed.

Foreign Minister of the International Parliament in the US and the Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information Dr. Haissam Bou-Said

“Such an adventure cannot be accepted nor supported by the west and the United States,” added the Secretary General Amb. Dr. Bou-Said, and “are not going to get involved in the Yemeni current situation in Yemen due to the internal policies of their countries.” Ambassador Dr. Bou-Said revealed that the emerging situation in Yemen is meant to have negative impact on Iran nuclear program talks with the United states and the Europeans, and one important purpose of this war is to delay reaching any pact between Iran and the west. in addition, he says “the renewal of the fight in Syria, more precisely, in “EDLEB ” district falls in the same context, where thousands of rebels from the Al NUSRA and other fractions are flowing into the region via the Turkish border with Syria,” It is to be noted here that Turkey never comply with US-led Coalition forces to fight ISIS and AL NUSRA and other Takfirist fractions labeled as terrorist groups.

“The United States should take a full responsibility with its allies in the west to halt immediately the mass killing of innocents in SAADAH and Sana’a, stemming from the air strikes undertaken by the Saudi-led coalition forces on the cities and villages of Yemen, which is Prohibited by the International Law and UN Declaration on Human Rights,” Dr bou said said. “Mass killing is being traced since the beginning of the war by fighte jets and the most dangerous point is the symptom of the Civil war erupting between the various tribes, which is backed by some Arab and Gulf States and a suspicious Israeli role,” he added.

He concluded that the Parliament received Intel on Israeli participation in airstrikes on Yemen that could be through logistics and military expertise.

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