Holocaust of Orthodox Christians in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Anti-Christ on the rise.

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ISIS releases video showing execution of 30 Ethiopian Orthodox Christians in Libya.

by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser.com:

Whether this is another “false- flag – fake” video or not, the intention behind it is the same. To embroil Ethiopia in a war resulting in another holocaust of Orthodox Christians. One hundred years ago, over 1.5 million Orthodox Armenian Christians were slaughtered by Turkey.

The  Wahabi under many names and disguises, Sunni extremists and the many acronyms of the Muslim Brotherhood, funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, assisted by Israel on the Golan Heights and trained by the CIA in Jordan, known more recently as: ISIL, ISIS or Al-Qeada or whatever Donald Duck/Mickey Mouse name Hollywood can think up next,  are now running a similar operation.

Before President Morsi was thrown out, he was going send in the Egyptian military to fight Assad, another area in the world where Orthodox Christians have been the target of horrific massacres.


In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi was terrorising all Orthodox Coptic Christians and burning their churches.

Morsi was then going to start a war with Ethiopia over “water.” This would and possibly might still result in a holocaust of Orthodox Christians in yet another country.

During the 1967 six day war, Israel took over the Sinai, which has since been returned to Egypt. Their intentions are still the same, Israel  intends claim it and extend their borders from the Nile to the Euphrates River,  by proxy war through Hamas to the west and ISIL to the east if nessesary. Keep in mind that before the Muslim Brotherhood was deposed in Egypt, Morsi was going to hand over the Sinai to Hamas, an organisation that was started by Mossad. Ron Paul spells it out here:

At the same time Orthodox Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East, the Nazi battalions from Kiev are destroying Orthodox churches in Eastern Ukraine and carrying out their own holocaust of Orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe.

These Nazi battalions  have been supported and financed by none other than a Zionist Jew, Kolomoiskiy , committing gross atrocities and human rights abuses across Eastern Ukraine, including illegal organ trafficking. How many of their own, never mind those they consider to be their enemies,  have not been killed in battle but have been murdered, their body parts flown out of Ukraine on “black special projects “helicopters remains to be disclosed at some kind of Nuremberg trial in the future.  There is a new “war industry “in town, a new way to make money out of death. It is called organ transplants!

Ask yourself, who is the hidden hand behind these wars and political upheaval? And remember, the High Priest Caiaphas at the Temple in Jerusalem and Pontius Pilate the Roman governor once shook hands. They were both anti-Christ then. Rome and the Zionists, The Jesuit Oath and the Protocols of Zion are the same document. The latter plagiarized from the former, both with the same agenda. The  Wahabi under many names and disguises have a similar agenda. And ISIS/ISIL is supported by all three groups.

Lastly, the “Twelfth Imam, a messianic figure in Shiite Islamic eschatology.”

This figure is grossly misunderstood in the Western Christian World. Also known as the Mahdi, his destiny is closely linked to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He and his followers help to protect Christians and together they will fight the false Messiah also known as the Anti-Christ. It has been the Muslims, mostly Shiite but also Sunni who have stood by and helped the Orthodox Christians whilst the West has remained deathly silent and Hollywood is too busy these days with crises actors and staged drills across the USA to worry too much about people who are actually being killed by the 100’s of thousands soon to be totaling millions when this madness is finally over.

From Russia Today we read:

A new video released by the so-called Islamic State’s affiliates in Libya purports to show the killing of two groups of Ethiopian Christians.

The 29-minute video shows two groups of captives held by the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL), described by onscreen text as “followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church.” It says one group is being held by an ISIS affiliate in eastern Libya and the other in the south of the country. Each group has about 15 captives.

A spokesman for the Ethiopian government said he cannot confirm his country’s citizens were the ones killed in the video.”We have seen the video but our embassy in Cairo has not been able to confirm that the victims are Ethiopian nationals,” Redwan Hussein told Reuters. “Nonetheless, the Ethiopian government condemns the atrocious act.”

In the video, a masked fighter brandishes a pistol, threatening Christians must convert to Islam or pay with their lives. He describes Christians as crusaders whose goal is to kill Muslims. The footage then shows both groups of captives being killed by the terrorists, one group is beheaded and the other shot dead.

The new video bears similarities with another one, released in February, where militants beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians. Both videos were stamped with the logo of Islamic State’s media wing, Al-Furqan.

IS managed to gain a foothold in Libya amid the chaos and infighting following the end of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. They have been using the internet to spread their message, often in the form of videos showing the killings of those they deem “enemies.” The militants are also active in social media, and have hackers operating on their behalf.