From Anarchy to degeneration- Imposing External Law. Egypt. Extract Two. Part One: The Path Of The Masters.

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by Katherine Frisk, ThePhaser.com:

I found Dr. Johnson remiss in not including the Egyptians in this analysis. So before posting the various parts of Extract 2, which include Confucius,Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Rosicrucians, amongst many others, I am going to include my Egyptian summary here.

According to John Anthony West as well as ground penetrating radar satellite images that have not been published in the public arena, Egypt is far older than she is given credit for. Of relevance is this interview with West and Sean Stone. As West says, since the Hyksos invasion over 5,000 years ago, Egypt has been coloured with a Semitic race group when in fact she was black Nubian. Here lies the root core of present day racism.


The sphinx, according to the water marks on it’s surface, dates to approximately 50,000 B.C when Cairo was virtually a swamp with heavy rainfall. This would place ancient Egypt well within the time frame of the last Golden Age. The country appears to have then gone through a degeneration along with climate change and then a renaissance rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, in approximately 5,000 B.C. If one would to hazard a guess, I would say that lost teachings had been discovered, resurrected and then Egypt rose again to become a great power. In all likelihood these teachings were found beneath the Sphinx. Perhaps rather than an event that we think is going to happen, it already happened over 5,000 years ago?

The Nile Valley was lush and abundant with fauna, flora and wildlife. Filled with Africa’s Big Five as well as many other species only found on this continent today. It also had something that many countries have always lusted after. Gold. Gold filled her palaces and Temples and if Tutankhamen’s chamber, which was a small one, is anything to go by, the riches of Egypt were unparallelled in the world at that time. No wonder she invited constant invasion from the Hyksos, Assyria, Persia, Greece and later Rome until she was left a dusty shadow of herself former self by the 3rd century A.D.

Whilst visiting the Egyptian Museum with my tour guide, a Semitic, Arab Muslim, I casually remarked that Thutmose’s 111’s wife had all the attributes of a Nubian Queen, the beauty of an Iman and along the lines of the Queen of Sheba, a reflection of the bride in Solomon’s Song of Songs, the Black Shullumite.

Ahmed’s reaction stunned me. Blatant denial on his part. For over three thousand years the Egyptians have gradually been pushed further and further south, so far south in fact that a number of studies have traced the origins of the Bantu language to ancient Egyptian. Most of Africa in one way or another are now descendants of Ancient Egypt.

Nelson Mandela’s funeral hit me like a ton of bricks. Not only because of the passing of this great man ,but it was as though Luxor had moved south with the sun and the great Chief was now buried with all the same pomp and ceremony once accorded the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Many South Africans will tell you that he died in the southern hemisphere during the winter solstice, contrary to what the media claimed in a major cover up. As the sun reached it’s lowest point in the heavens and stopped in June, so a great light was extinguished in the country. Like the ancient Pharaohs, his body was embalmed and his funeral was held over until the sun yet again reached it’s height in December during the summer solstice.

He was buried at midday on the 16th of December which has great historical significance to all the people of South Africa. The Pharaohs in the same manner, were buried during the summer solstice in June in the northern hemisphere when the sun reached it’s highest point in the heavens at midday. And so the seasons and nations move across the planet from East to West and from North to South and back again in the great cycles of time. Today South Africa has become well known for it’s Gold and Platinum mines, as was Egypt in the past, and has an abundance of fauna, flora and wild life.


The central theme in Egyptian belief was that of life after the physical death of the body. It governed all rituals, temples and government. High Initiates were taught and prepared to leave the body at will and return whenever they so chose to do so.

This is another theme in Johnson’s Path Of The Masters. Not only life after death, but training through a Guru or Master to leave the body at will, explore the many mansions of the Kingdom of Heaven and return to it at will. For this initiation they were often entombed, left for the twelve hours of the night, with the Egyptian texts of “The Coming Forth Of Day” to guide them, finding the light in the darkness which shone from themselves and then experienced the equivalent of a rebirth, an induction of being on the earth but not from it. They were reminded that they came from the heavens where they remembered their souls. One thinks back to the story of Lazarus here, and the words of Jesus,

“He is only sleeping, he is not dead.”

If we see the story of Lazarus in the light of Egyptian texts, this appears to be an initiation and Lazarus is raised from the dead by his teacher and experiences a rebirth. There are many parallels between Egyptian belief and the Christian story, never more so than the Christian teaching that:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

Meaning in this lifetime and not only in the next.

Akenaten took the concept even further where his Temple at Amarna took only the sun as his symbol for the “Supreme Being.” The sun being a mere reflection of the light that is magnificent in the other realms beyond our physical vision. It was the only physical manifestation he could find that can best be seen with human eyes to describe it.

Akenaten earned himself the wrath of the priesthood who were losing followers and what is more a lucrative income, the many gods and goddesses, earthly embodiments representing the constellations, stars and the planets provided an assortment of  “Heavenly beings” in the guise of human form, to worship and pay tribute to. The last time I looked, the planet Mars has no resemblance whatsoever to how Rome has depicted it, neither does the planet Venus or Saturn for that matter. This system did however, fill the priesthood’s coffers with constant tributes of wealth from the population. Few looked up into star-studded temple of the sky and instead were fixated on ritual, ceremony and lifeless statues instead. As Leonardo Da Vinci later so often implored in his renaissance paintings of the gods and goddesses, “look up!” As the sun governs our seasons and the moon our tides, so the planets, stars and constellation in their own harmonic frequencies also have baring and influence on the earth. Astronomy and Astrology have been separated, into two studies when in fact they are one. A knowledge of their changing and every returning positions in the sky without an understanding of their effect on the earth and the earth’s effect on them has become a cyclops, a one eyed monster.


Like all other civilizations, Egypt, although still maintaining various aspects of the Golden Age, had moved from anarchy towards degeneration, where social and spiritual laws rather than being internalized, were imposed by the outside force of the priesthood, resulting in slavery to a payment system for these services which never existed before.  This  in turn conjures up a vision of Jesus whipping the money lenders in the temple in Jerusalem, an act which angered the temple priests and sealed his fate on the cross.

Another interesting point that is always mentioned in Dr. Johnson’s work is the importance of the sound current. We travel to the nether spheres by surfing this light/sound current. After many years of searching I found the origins of the HU, often mentioned in Eastern texts. It was also the name of the Sphinx at one time, and like many of Egypt’s statues was designed to vibrate in tune with the sunrise, her stone body giving off the sound of HU as the warm rays of the sun rose in the early dawn. Many statues and obelisks were designed this way in order to capture the light of the sun and resonate with it in harmonic frequencies of sound. Threin lies the true beauty and wonder of the so called, “primitive”stone age.

In Egypt we have all the precepts of Dr.Johnsons’ beliefs as expressed in The Path Of The Masters as follows:

We are more than our bodies and the kingdom of heaven is available to us in this present lifetime as well as the next.
The divine light and sound of the Supreme being which pervades throughout our universe and many others which are out of the range of physical vision.
Initiation in order to remind ourselves who we really are.
And the remnants of what once was The Golden Age.

To exclude Egypt in this study would be remiss, leaving out a major piece in this many faceted jigsaw puzzle that we are, at the dawn of yet another Golden Age, finally piecing together.



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