The Catherine J. Frompovich over the Health & Safety of GMOs Is Not Over!

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by Catherine J. Frompovich, via Activist

DEADLINE MARCH 12: Tell BIO’s Dr. Cathleen Enright How You Feel about Being Forced to Eat GMO ‘Food’

The information below is copied and pasted from OCA’s TAKE ACTION Petition

When Organic Consumers Association was invited to be on a panel Cathleen Enright, executive vice president food & agriculture, for the Biotech Industry Organization (BIO), at the “Southbites: Feed Your Mind” session during Austin’s South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, we jumped at the chance.

But after we’d accepted the invitation, an organizer at SXSW told us that Enright had vetoed our participation.

We called Enright to confirm that she was controlling who was on the panel, and that OCA was not welcome. Her explanation? OCA has “demonized” GMO food technology and she was not interested in a debate on the health and safety of GMOs.

According to Enright, GMO agriculture is “sustainable” and GMO foods are “safe.” Anyone who says otherwise is making “scary” statements that have no basis in fact—because every shred of scientific evidence suggesting health or safety concerns related to GMOs “has been discredited.”

Because OCA has been kicked off the panel, we have written a letter to Enright, expressing the views of millions of consumers who believe that the GMO health and safety debate is far from over.

If you agree that there’s plenty of credible, unbiased scientific evidence to suggest that GMOs are not safe and healthy, please read and sign our letter by March 12.

For additional details about OCA’s being ‘dumped’, please read their report here.

If readers agree that OCA should be on the panel and you want to sign OCA’s petition requesting OCA be a member of that panel, please sign their petition here before Thursday, March 12, 2015.

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