Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/15

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In this edition of SPTOM : Agenda-pushing fashion shoots by Steven Klein, Illuminati puppets showing their allegiance and a bunch of other stuff that prove that the industry is simply sick.

from Vigilante Citizen.com

Steven Klein is a photographer/director who worked with stars such as Britney Spears, Madonna and Lady Gaga (he directed the Illuminati-symbolism laden video "Alejandro") so you know he is all about the "Agenda". This photoshoot for V magazine uses Black models on a fiery backdrop reminiscent of Ferguson protests to sell clothes. Once again, the "fashion" world is about exploiting pain and making it fashionable.


One model in a blond wig pushes an unconscious model with a blond wig while a car is burning in the background. Nothing like juxtaposing the artificial, superficial and dehumanizing fashion world with deep social issues.


The deaths of several young men by police officers caused pain, outrage, and racial tensions across America ... but OMG! Look at the gorgeous red bodysuit! WANT!


One model agressively points a camera at another model's face as if saying "Your suffering is great video footage". And, although she is basically being exploited, the other model tries to act cool with her cigarette. Good representations of the entertainment industry.


After V Magazine, Steven Klein did a photoshoot for W magazine (one letter named for magazines is so edgy). This one is about dehumanization and the promotion of transhumanism using strange, sexual images.


Lara Stone kisses the knee of her robot overlord because they want use to understand that robots are sexy, fashionable and extremely cool.


Should someone tell that model that this robot is not alive and won't kiss her back? She does not seem to understand the difference between robot and not robot person.


The spring issue of V also brought forth another important part of the Illuminati Agenda : Sexualizing youth. For this photoshoot, Selena Gomez arranged to look like a 12 year-old Mexican girl and posed with no shirt and short shorts.


According to Yahoo! News, Selena is "Doe-eyed, wearing juvenile attire, with red hoop earrings and a child-like polka dot hair bow sweetly embedded in her soft curls, an accessory that calls to mind that of Minnie Mouse's and, thus, Gomez's Disney connection." The perfect 'lolita' look to excite pervs.


They really did their best to make her look at 12-year old as possible.


As usual, a bunch of industry pawns did the One-Eye sign in the past weeks. Here's Willow Smith, who has been unfortunately doing almost since she was born.


Katy Tiz got signed with a major label and released her single "Whistle While you Work it". The image for the single is all about her giving salute to her elite overlords.


She does it again.


...and again. She also wears a feline-print glove to let you know that she is also down to promote Kitty Programming.


Another up-and-coming British artist that is all about the Agenda is Charli XCX. Here she is doing the one-eye sign with a diamond-like stone - the stone used to represent "Presidential Models" in Kitten Programming symbolism.


She is also VERY much about Kitten Programming.


.... Madonna as well.


And she is also required to do a subtle One-Eye sign on the cover of Rolling Stone.


Jared Leto celebrated the fact that he stopped looking like Jesus with haircut by doing a One-Eye pic. He keeps doing those.


The Warner Music Brit Party 2015 took place at the Freemasons Hall on February 25, 2015 in London. The colorful lights emphasized the Masonic symbolism of the building (the twin pillars and so forth) and the entire event highlights the connection between the music industry and the occult elite.


This shirt sold in Brazil caused an uproar because it was basically an invitation to child abuse. The phrase "Vem ni mim que to facim" can be translated to "come in me" and only a sick person would put that on t-shirt worn by children.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.

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