Jim’s Rant For The Day. Holy Shit Numbers

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by Jim, via RestUS.us

Who’s your daddy? For two thousand years the holy mother Catholic church has been answering that question for us. For twelve years of catholic schooling I was told that it was the Pope, being that he was infallible and all, being the earthbound representative of God. In case you are unfamiliar with that word “infallible”, that is a full notch above being Mom. It means that the Pope cannot make a mistake in his churchly pronouncements.

Yep. He’s the man. One of his super powers is that when the Pope tells you to, “go to hell” he means it. That directive will be backed up by Jesus himself and his Daddy. So the Pope is not fooling around when he gives you the finger. I have often wondered if he blows smoke off the end of it like in the Westerns.

Please forgive me here as I do not mean to trivialize all of the millions of poor souls that got the finger but I read history and just a few are mentioned in the big books. The rest were simply sorry non-following scum that didn’t matter, I suppose.

Allow me to just list three that jump out of the encyclopedias, our official given history. I will start with Galileo, the Italian who was condemned by the church around 1615 for daring to say that the earth spins around in the solar system instead of the church’s view of the solar system spinning around the earth. Then in 1992, after 377 years, the church said “Oops, sorry.”

My personal favorite was Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press. He got fingered for printing the bible in Italian rather than Latin, the then secret language of the church, allowing the common man to read the good book for himself. Thus, giving to power to the common man to think for himself. Gutenberg escaped death by the church when he fled to England which had broken ties with the Vatican. That was around 1650. Then in 1992, some 340 years later, the church apologized to his family.

And now today, after 700 years, the church admits that the burning of the Knights Templar was an error. I guess now the church is implying they that they have always been good buddies with the Templars and that whole burning thing was a mistake. It was originally planned to be an honorary comedy roast that kinda got out of hand.

Why now? Why is the truth suddenly coming out now? Why did a recent Pope resign making it the first Pope resignation in 600 years. Why just today did the current Pope say that he will probably leave office in two or three years? I must confess that Jean Haines said it best this week in the closing of her website when she said that most of us do not know our history – it has been concealed from us. Holy shit!

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