HENRY KISSINGER Targeted For Citizens Arrest LIVE On C-Span

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Henry Kissinger Targeted For Citizens Arrest During Congressional Testimony – LIVE on C-Span

from Common Dreams, via News Doctors,

While defending Henry Kissinger during a dramatic protest during a Senate hearing on Thursday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called those speaking out against the former Secretary of State as “low-life scum” as they were escorted from the hearing room by Capitol Police.

Kissinger served under President Nixon and is widely reviled by human rights advocates for his involvement in orchestrating the Vietnam War and defending U.S. foreign policy, including various atrocities, across the planet for more than half a century.

Members of the peace group CODEPINK took the opportunity of Kissinger’s testimony before the Senate Arms Service Committee to confront the man they call a “war criminal” as they attempted to serve him with a ‘Citizen’s Arrest Warrant.’ Holding a banner and dangling handcuffs in front of a stoic Kissinger, the protesters declared him a “war criminal” who should be arrested and prosecuted for numerous offenses.

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