7.5 MILLION OUNCES of silver leaves COMEX in 2 DAYS!!

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from Arcadia Economics:

7.5 million ounces of silver leaves COMEX in 2 days!!


Silver is on the move again, as more 7.5 million ounces have left the registered category in the COMEX in just the last 2 days.

There are still 72.5 million ounces of silver remaining in the COMEX´s registered category. Although it is worth noting that there´s been a sharp drop in the holdings in the past 15 months since the silver squeeze weekend knocked the retail dealers off line for a few days.

Yet with supply chains more strained than ever, and new silver mining projects not currently being green-lighted with the silver price close to the cost of production for many silver miners, it leaves the silver market in untested waters.



The Artificially LOW SILVER PRICE is knocking future supply offline