May 1st #SilverMassacre​ Intro | Wall Street Silver

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from Wall Street Silver Official:

May 1st #SilverMassacre Intro | Wall Street Silver


More silver news…

ALERT! Silver SLAMMED as BofA & Citi Lease MASSIVE Amounts of SILVER!

There is a “Silver Accident” waiting to happen and it will come from the LEASING of massive amounts of Physical Silver from JP Morgan into the SLV ETF and others! Bank of America and Citigroup are going to feel the pain on this one as the world has Run out of 1,000 oz bars and ALL LEASES have end dates. The fact is that the physical silver will NEVER be returned which gives JPM the “Power of God” over the survivability of 2 “Too Big To Fail” banks! THAT’S FINANCIAL TYRANNY!!