TO THE MOON [Ep02] with Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert: THE OG YEARS

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TO THE MOON [Ep02] with Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert: THE OG YEARS


Episode two of a ten part series originally aired in late 2019 to mark the ten year birthday of bitcoin. This is the first time it has been uploaded to YouTube. In this episode of TO THE MOON, Max and Stacy look at some of the early adopters of bitcoin and the exchanges, derivatives contracts and pizza sales that erupted in the first days of crypto. On May 22, 2010, some pizzas were bought for 10,000 BTC, thus generating the first known purchase and real exchange value for the new magical internet money. TO THE MOON also takes a look at all the things Satoshi Nakamoto got wrong with bitcoin code, mistakes users still live with today. In 2010, we also saw bitcoin very first obituary, though hundreds more would follow over the years. Max and Stacy discuss the game theory of the bitcoin protocol with Francis Pouliot, nature’s law with digital historian Nozomi Hayase, and economic freedom and sovereignty with Hartej Sawhney of TO THE MOON also travels into the archives of Keiser Report where we find some of the earliest known television reports about bitcoin, including interviews with early adopters, Jon Matonis, and Amir Taaki.