Science is RACIST

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from WhatsHerFace:

Science is RACIST


I’m having a hard time following the twisted logic of healthcare professionals and scientists who feel the need to lecture us on systemic racism. On one hand, they agree that the medical industry has notoriously exploited the black community, so their hesitancy and lack of trust is justified. But on the other hand, they claim that white people are racist if they don’t support the effort to rebuild the black community’s trust in this corrupt industry.

These healthcare professionals and scientists champion the FDA who regulates the chemical laden foods that are advertised to black youth and pumped into black communities. Then, when these same communities come down with the very metabolic diseases that make them more prone to infection, they swoop in and pump them with more chemicals. You would think the best strategy for tackling this issue at its core would be to hold regulators accountable and educate black communities about healthy lifestyle choices. But no, the truth is that tackling the root cause of these issues isn’t what these people want. They want to mask symptoms of systemic disease by pumping you with poison and branding themselves as modern medical heroes.

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