Hammer and Scorecard_ ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC live data feed .json analysis for dummies (Mirror). from WalkedAway on Vimeo.


Hammer & Scorecard: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC Live Data – .json analysis

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from Quid Yen:

Hammer and Scorecard: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC live data feed .json analysis for dummies


Here are the real results of the election: Trump Win By 305 Electors. We have the data to prove it. See graphing evidence of fraud in Michigan: https://youtu.be/NBkVzdVoWe4 Data source is from Edson Research and was the dataset used for election coverage by at least ABC News, CBS News, CNN and NBC News. It is also used for the website of the NYT, and probably others as well. https://bit.ly/3kn9qTv (check out this data source for yourself)… Be ready. The STORM IS UPON US. The board is set. Check! If possible share it via text message, whatz up, etc. Create BILY links or short links to cloak the link for sharing purposes. They will attempt to take this down. The dataset is all you need to understand. https://bit.ly/38xax0A (raw dataset / black box recording of all vote tallies and real time fraud caught red handed).


Hammer and Scorecard: A Detailed Look at How The Election Was Stolen Analysis

In this video we take a look at Pennsylvania State .JSON data as well as Michgian precinct data. From the New York time Edison Research .Json dataset we were able to recreated in close proximity Dr. Shiva MIT PhD estimated vote switching for KENT COUNTY. Confirming his hypothesis. I own a web development company called www.m2echicago.com and work near chicago. I have server administration, understand linux and Unix commands and have an intimate detailed life playing with dataset and databases. This isn’t a joke, they stole this election and unless we wake up they will control our military and next us. Things we uncovered:

1. That the timestamps on the .Json dataset came from RUSSIAN timestamp. A change in the timestamp is see from 09:23:00 ::: 00:27:00 meaning that the data source from EDISON RESEARCH was in fact from a Russian TIME ZONE. I explain this in detail.

2. That as precincts move further away Detroit and become more republican a linear equation was used to take votes from Trump and give them to Biden.

3. The more republican the district was the more likely they were to vote for BIDEN! (SERIOUSLY).

4. That this trend was not just in one county, but was a feature of datasets in multiple elections across the country including Michigan and California. Further modeling of the data reveals the following estimated switched and lost votes. More data can be found by parsing the datasets directly.

I challenge Democrat’s Patriots and Republican Patriots to wake up and do the math.