The Harris Administration Platform Of BS

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from Jon Bowne Reports:

The Harris Administration Platform Of BS


Biden’s de facto Army is burning down the west coast and participating blue cities under the guise of climate change and critical race theory indoctrination. While President Trump doubles down on his efforts towards world peace.


Biden Should Keep Hiding

Hiding Biden finally crawled out of his hole. He was met with his one lone supporter outside of his appearance at a church in Kenosha, Wisconsin to finally address the Marxist media brainwashed mob violence upon that city that racked up Over $2 million dollars worth of damage to city property alone. Of course he blamed it all on Trump as he waved his grotesque punctured hand around that appeared to be bruised from an IV. Perhaps they are juicing Creepy Joe Biden up for the next 60 days. His talking points were certainly rammed into his fragile appearance that began with a group of people railing on with leftist policy positions that have been absent from Biden’s vague meandering addresses. These are Biden’s salad days. A far cry from the shark tank he will be lowered into by the end of the month when his far left whimpering will face President Trump on September 29 in Cleveland Ohio.