Steve Penny: Dollar Destruction Targeting $15,000 Gold and $750 Silver

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from Palisade Radio:

Steve Penny: Dollar Destruction Targeting $15,000 Gold and $750 Silver


Tom welcomes Steve Penny, a full-time trader specializing in silver, gold, and uranium. Steve discusses how wealth becomes transferred during periods of crisis. He says, “Commodities have never been so cheap relative to paper assets.” He argues that today is a generational wealth transfer opportunity. His macro thesis is that the national debt is mathematically impossible to repay. History has shown that politicians will always try to inflate away the debt. He has found that simplicity outperforms complex systems every time, and he outlines the tools he finds most useful. Steve finds ratio comparisons helpful in determining sector strengths. Lately, many complicated theories surround the US dollar, but he makes a more straightforward bearish argument for the dollar. Steve discusses how gold historically can move in multiples over just a few years and how past price action makes a compelling case for multiples of today’s prices. He finds SIL.J to be very undervalued. He says, “The macro case for uranium is just off the charts.” Currently, the all-in cost to mine uranium is well below current prices. In the long-term, uranium will be an excellent play, and we are at the beginning of a long-term move up. Today, the two largest producers are curtailing production in a time when demand is increasing.