MUST WATCH: Polar Vortex Secret Disclosure BEST SCIENCE, DBAS Aerosol Spray

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from The HAARP Report:

Polar Vortex Secret Disclosure BEST SCIENCE, DBAS Aerosol Spray


Explains why the Polar Vortex makes the US so cold every November. This is the most important, and urgent, video I’ve ever made. New disclosure of Pacific weather control technology, that is heating the Arctic, putting California in drought, and poisoning the USA with super-toxic Aluminum Fluoride aerosol sprays. This is a must-see, brand new science, which has never been public before. The newly discovered Aluminum dust is extremely flammable, and explains how the California fires are so explosive. Like Thermite, small amounts of metallic Aluminum release tremendous amounts of heat when burned.

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PS – I apologize to my current donors, when I said I had “no help and no support”. I did recieve $70 last month, so blessings to those patient patrons! Here is the PDF slide show, which was used in the video: https://www.docdroid.net/5qTxQB6/diff…



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