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from SGTreport:


Our friend and fellow patriot Harley Schlanger returns to talk about “current events”… as Q posted on November 13th, FOR GOD & COUNTRY. FOR HUMANITY. WE FIGHT!

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  1. Paul Sparks

    November 19, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    Sean, I luv yuh man BUT the number of doom and gloom videos coming from nowadays you is no longer balanced with a message of hope. Where is the HOPE for humanity? Is the battle lost? No. See Revelation 12:11. Could you please consider changing the tone of the channel’s messaging? Give us some spiritual warfare and uplifting messaging alternatives. For those of us considering giving up American Citizenship and leaving the country, can you provide us some information and advice as a way out of the labyrinth? Can you give us some tools and strategies rather than just doom and gloom. There is a real need, because if we stop to consider the pace of progress being made by the White Hats we can see that their pace is so slow that innocent men (Flynn, Stone et al) are still going to jail while caged children are still being held captive underground. Where is the relief? Where is the real and genuine progress being made? Do you see it? I don’t. I doubt Manafort or Stone see it either. By this time next year the 2020 Presidential Election will be over. So in twelve short months are we going to see massive progress? Of course not, and we know that. Constant videos confirming how screwed the pubic is that reinforce the reality of the American two tiered justice system – as well as secret atmospheric based DEW technology and chemtrails which are being used as a soft kill – do not give listeners a message of hope – even if the information is true. Go back to your roots. There’s a reason your video “God is Real” is your most viewed video. C’mon man lighten up on the doom and gloom. We all know we’re screwed and gojng to die. Tell us how to make the best of it while we still can..
    Consider the possibility that the whole Cue phenomenon is really just a strategy to keep the GOP base energized to garner a second term – and that’s all folks.. Meanwhile the Dems run roughshod over the constitution in a country where abortion and same sex marriage are the law..

    • The Phaser

      November 19, 2019 at 2:47 pm

      I’m not sure how a conversation about reality with Harley Schlanger titled “FOR GOD & COUNTRY. FOR HUMANITY. WE FIGHT.” is “gloom and doom“, BUT I’ll say this, if you want sunshine constantly blown up your ass, you know the Q-related channels you should follow on YouTube, and they’re not mine.

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