RENEGADE STATE: The 4 Families That Have RULED California For Decades…

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from Resistance News:

RENEGADE STATE: The Four Families Of California And The Private Company That Controls The Internet


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  1. Kevin Daley

    March 8, 2019 at 4:22 am

    Dear brother ** in ** CHRIST & Mighty Man of Valour ( Joshua 1:14; 6:2; 8:3; etc. ) as you say you are a Believer of
    JESUS CHRIST!! I do hope you are a TRUE Believer based on the TRUE Gospel as per 1st Corin. 15:1 – 4 – 8 / John 3:5 / Acts 2:38 – 40; 22:16; etc. / Ephes 1:12 -14; 4:30 / 2nd Corin. 1:20 – 22; 5:5 /. Galatians 3:27 – 29 / etc. & I Pray you walk in the Fruits & Gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT; that you are Filled with The HOLY Spirit & you speak with tongues &
    prophesie as you are given utterance of GOD; that you speak as the Oracles of GOD – 1st Peter 4:11 in Ministry Matters & Walk in the Signs of Mark 16:17, 18; etc.
    I have NOT heard enough of your Videos yet to discern the above about you; as to do you STAND ON the TRUE Gospel of CHRIST!!?? ?? If it works out could I mail you a CERTIFIED Mail Pkg. of a David vs. Many so – called ” Goliath ” Armies of a CRIMINAL CARTEL & the Global Mafia for you to report on; if you are Prompted by ALMIGHTY GOD!!! Major DIVINE Called Press Conference – called by GOD coming by BOLD Faith & MAJOR Revival to Buffalo & WNY ( Western N. Y. ) @ GOD’s Appointed Time. I have contacted NO one else for reporting on Story & coming forth Events as above. I could mail Pkg. when it’s ready & it’s time as Prompted by GOD. I could mail it to a UPS Store or a Fed Ex Store Near you; so you don’t have to give me your Personal Address. I Can’t get into details on any email or Texts cause of ” big SPY in the Sky ” as you know. I’ll just say – GOD has put me in easily 12 -14 Court Cases 4 HIS Glory over the years as a so – called ” Pro Se ” Litigant & HE as my Advocate – 1st John 2:1 & SUPREME COUNSELLOR – Isaiah 9:6 >> JESUS CHRIST has TRIUMPHED in every one; even if the Judge or Appelete Judges rule against me initially. In 1 case after being held in a Gestapo Torture Center for 9 & 1/2 months I was Sentenced to Life in Prison with NO chance of Release; on 100% BLATANT Lying Testimony & Charges. While sitting in the Holding Cell Praying, Praising & Worshipping GOD, cause I had done the DIVINE Destiny Assignment GOD gave me to do – for which the so – called ” Movers & Shakers ” were in a RAGE; a ~~ SUDDENLY ~~ as with Paul & Silas occurred – Acts 16:19 – 22 – 25, 26 – 38, 39!! I was called back into the Court Room in the full Chain Gang gear, leg irons; straight jacket with chains wrapped around me & 3 Sherriffs assigned to me after about 1 & 1/2 hours in the Holding Cell. I was told I’d be in there about 15 minutes while, they got the Transport Van ready to take me to Prison. When I came back in the Court Room the Judge & the Prosecutors were ~ Shaking in their shoes ~. All the 4 High level BOGUS / BLATANT LIES Felonies were dismissed, & a 5th was taken from the Highest Level Feony to the Lowest Level Misdeamor. All the so – called ” Expert ” & other BLATANT LYING Witnesses had been Proven to be LIARS, by a SPECIAL Attorney who was sent into the Court Room by GOD while I was in the Holding Cell, after I had already been sentenced. That CORRUPT – to the – CORE so – called ” Judge ” could NOT move fast enough to have the Sheriff’s remove all the Chain Gang Gear & Straight Jacket with my arms pinned behind me. I was Released Out of there, within a few minutes a FREE man by ALMIGHTY GOD!!! In 2 Current Cases – 2 Teams of Federal, State & County Gestapo Agents came 2 days in a Row to try & Kidnap me to another Gestapo Holding Center in 1 Case & in a 2nd Case in U.S. Federal District Court the 10 Goliath Armies of the CRIMINAL CARTEL sent 2 Teams of six ( 6 ) HIT Men on 2 different days ( as 1st Team Failed by GOD ) in Ambush Attacks Threatening me to DROP the Case or ” I’d be dropped “. The 1st Team tried to MURDER me, but GOD DEALT with them & then GOD dealt with the 2nd Team of 6 HIT MEN Attack as well. Their 6 so -called ” HEAVY HITTER ” Law Firms were in an Uproar over some of the Court Filings ALMIGHTY GOD had me turn in; & that a guy the so – called ” experts ” said was so – called ” too st_pid ” to go to High School was responding to all their 6 inches thick of Case Law. All GLORY goes to ALMIGHTY GOD!! I am just HIS Obedient Soldier. I pray all these DEAR, Precious & 100% DECEIVED people – even the so- called ” CERTIFIED TOTAL TOUGH guys /.gals ” & Torture Agents &Witchdoctors, etc., come to be Born Again by the Incorruptible Seed of the Word as per 1st Peter 1:23, 25; etc., John 3:3, 7; etc. & go on to OBEY the TRUE Gospel of the ONE TRUE GOD – not the Trinity Lie of the Jesuits & Zionists to try & Destroy Christianity. Tragically like 99.5% of so – called ” Christians ” believe that doctrine of Devils that is found NOT one time in all the HOLY Scripture – AKJV!!! It is an invention of the devil via use of WITCHCRAFT Theology of the Carnal mind that is at enmity against GOD – Romans 8:7; James 4:4, etc. so Dear Sean may I mail you a Pkg. of what GOD has me to send @ the Appointed time to your local UPS Store or Fed-Ex Store?? Well 2 Baptisms to be done in the Niagara River amongst the Ice Flows either today or tommorrow. PRAISE ALMIGHTY GOD!!!! Blessings to you & all your Household – Dear brother ( MOST HOPEFULLY ) ** in ** CHRIST!!!! brother Kevin Daley

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