#PizzaGate & #TruthForChris Updates – Interview with Randy Rocket Cody

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from Titus Frost:

Interview with Randy Rocket Cody About #PizzaGate & #TruthForChris Updates


This is a follow up interview with Randy Rocket Cody of The Metal Den. We talked about some very important big picture topics, and we got some “electronic interference” towards the end. Glow in the darks come out at night. Discussed Chris Cornell’s murder, Chester Bennington’s murder, and how this all ties into PedoGate / PizzaGate. Links for the show tonight! My Guest Randy’s Twitter: Articles on The Metal Den to check out… Report: JOHNNY DEPP, Adrenochrome & Schizophrenia, Part 2  Report: Elizabeth Short, Jigsaw and Temple Of The Dog (Part 1)  CHRIS CORNELL Was Going To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring… ANALYSIS OF AN AUTOPSY: Chester Bennington …https://inmemoryofchesterbennington.b… Report: Jack The Ripper, Benjamin Franklin And The Hellfire Club  VIDEO: Hillary’s Snuff Film (GRAPHIC CONTENT)  Chester Bennington was About to Expose the Truth Behind Chris Cornell’s Death (ARCHIVED):  Report: Dead Rock Stars, The House Of Horrors & John Podesta!  Report – The Truth About Pizzagate: Can You Handle It? (Pt. 3)  Report: Kurt Cobain, 666 Sex Magick And The CIA Finders Cult (Pt. 2)  Report: CHRIS CORNELL – 6 Degrees Of Separation From River Phoenix