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The wildfires and the California high speed rail project

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from The Outer Light:

The wildfires and the California high speed rail project


Recently a researcher pointed out that they believe that there is a connection between the California high speed rail project and the locations of the ongoing wild fires in California. I got into this here, as well as some things from my videos last year on the California wild fires. Links:………


The Genocidal California Fire Operation

This video clip shows clear evidence that the California fires are not random forest fires, but have actually been deliberately created through the use of advanced technology that is used to target housing. This video clip was created from the following videos: ‘DEW Lasers Confirmed Again. House Chopped in Half, WTF !?!’ Video link:… ‘Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires DEFY THE LAWS of PHYSICS (Where’d the houses go??)’ Video link:… ‘Let it Burn Baby Burn; The Agenda 21 CA Smart Fires Continues On’ Video link:… ‘California Fire Close Ups Houses Burning Flaming Mounds and now liquid fire’ Video link:… ‘California “Wildfires:” Once You See This, You Can’t Deny the Use Of Directed Energy Weapons’ Video link:… Many thanks to all the researchers who have analyzed these nefarious events and shared their discoveries with others interested in understanding the silent weapons being used against them.