Jordan Sather | Q Anon, Celebrity Suicides, Space Force, & The Deep State War

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from TheHighersideChats:

Jordan Sather | Q Anon, Celebrity Suicides, Space Force, & The Deep State War


Alright Higherside Chatters, if you ask me, the capstone cabal of the shadowly power pyramid is not a group that leaves much to chance: They’ve invested heavily in the devolution of man and the degradation of our mental faculties through their carefully crafted education system, they’ve suppressed free energy and elecrogravitic crafts in exchange for systems built on poisonous yet profitable materials, and they stifle and control the lives of the people with the debt based money system they so hawkishly perch above. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find some heavily researched claims that nearly all US presidents fall from the same family tree, along with many household names in media & entertainment forming a terrifying tapestry of bad actors, if you will.

And while my cynical self is inclined to side with the age old phrase and pattern that Presidents are selected, not elected, and the game will carry on as it has- I can’t completely count out a growing perspective in the conspiracy community- that perhaps, related to the network or not- Donald Trump might represent a changing of the guard, the emergence of a new network of white hat power players, & maybe even an alignment with non-terrestrial beings that just might culminate in the eradication of long standing child trafficking networks, the roll out of technologies derived from secret occult physics, & the removal of our yolks of oppression we’ve worn for so long.

Again, I’m cynical, but a certain 4Chan poster known as Q Anon, has been stirring the pot with cryptic messages since the election, weaving a narrative that aims to clarify the game behind the game- and I think it’s High Time we explore it…and stand by our policy of No Conspiracy Left Behind.

To do this, we got one of the best breaker downers of the Q material that the internet has to offer. His name is Jordan Sather and he runs the popular website and YouTube channel Destroying The Illusion..or should we say Destroying The Illusion 2.0 as Jordan has ALSO had YouTube make it impossible to use his channel, and he’s since rebuilt a second one.

Jordan is known for his methodical and action packed, whiteboard breakdowns of not only the Q Anon material and this Deep state battle, but also truth health and wellness, as well as the history and latest rumblings of the Secret Space Program.

Self-described as “The guy wearing a red MAGA hat drinking an organic smoothie and talking about space programs and non terrestrial beings.” A Pandora’s box of personality and politics, and an enigma of a man. A 4D thinker if there ever was one- The Whiteboard King of YouTube- Jordan Sather.