q-anon – The CHAIR Serves the MASTER (Baruch the Scribe)

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from Bill Smith:

q-anon – The CHAIR Serves the MASTER (Baruch the Scribe)


Baruch the Scribe – what a strange name right?? Ever wondered where i comes from?? Remember – this was the anon who wrote an ‘I’m Qanon and its all fake’ email to Isaac Green Anti-School in order to discredit the movement after Qanon posted SerialBrain2 analysis. There is a reason why every leader will abandon you. There’s a reason: Its a common demoralization tactic used to DIVIDE AND CONQUER. This is why we can never get ahead. EVERY SINGLE ALT-MEDIA LEADER is the same. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Its time we wake up. But..to be honest… I don’t have a lot of hope for us. Until you see the problem and know who the TRUE enemy is. Who is the Chair? (media personalities, including ALT) Whose the MASTER that controls it all. (ISRAEL) We don’t stand a chance. Its time for us to wake up.