Flynn Deletes Tweet of Weinstein, Hillary & Huma After Alleged Twitter Hack?

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from Chris Ken:

General Flynn Deletes Tweet Linking Weinstein, Hillary, and Huma After Alleged Twitter Hack?


General Michael Flynn deleted the above tweet picturing Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Harvey Weinstein just minutes after it was posted this morning. The tweet, posted the same day that Weinstein was charged for rape and sexual abuse, was then quickly removed from the twitter page. In response, General Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr., said the tweet was posted after his father’s twitter account “was hacked this morning” and that the family was “currently addressing” the issue.

Some are speculating however, that Flynn may have been intending to post from another twitter account besides his official account, and possibly deleted the tweet after realizing. Notably, Flynn had not posted on twitter for 6 months before today.

The picture itself, shows Hillary, Huma and Harvey at a Planned Parenthood Gala in May 2017 which had been attended by several celebrities including Meryl Streep, and where Weinstein pledged $100 000 in a charity auction.