Astana Kazakhstan – The New World Order Secret City

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from Shaking My Head Productions:

Astana Kazakhstan – The New World Order Secret City


Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan, straddling the Ishim River in the north of the country. Along the left bank, the ultramodern, 97m-tall Bayterek tower offers panoramic views from its observation deck. The Ak Orda Presidential Palace is topped with a massive blue-and-gold dome.

The giant, tentlike Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center houses a shopping mall and indoor beach resort. On June 10, 2015, the United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon addressed the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana. It was a meeting to promote global cooperation between the world’s political and religious leaders.… # Secret Doctrine Of Illumination (Part 1) You will want to watch and share this 3 part series while it’s still online. # – ☢ Population Control ☢ Depopulation Agenda ☢ Reduce Population By 90% ☢

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Astana Kazakhstan Shows the USA Nuked and The Mark of the Beast and the Rapture. NWO Illuminati

Astana (satana) the capital of new world order