Guess Who’s Spewing the Ultimate FUD — Lynette Zang

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from SGTreport:

Guess Who’s Spewing the Ultimate FUD — Lynette Zang


Lynette Zang from ITM Trading returns to SGT Report to discuss the latest, including the newest and biggest source of FUD: The Bitcoin bandwagon guys who have turned their backs on silver and gold in favor of the upstart crypto. As a Bitcoin owner myself I hope BTC goes to $100K one day, but I will tell you this much, I will never, ever sell my physical gold and silver until those suppressed metals meet their fair market values. Word. It’s 5,000 years of history versus 9. Period. So buy and hold cryptos. But buy and HOLD physical silver and gold too. Those who say sell the metals at this point, are drinking their own crypto Kool-Aid.

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