Hurricane Harvey and the 9-11/ 9-22 Observation

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from MrCati:

Hurricane Harvey and the 9-11/ 9-22 Observation


This report shows and discusses the relevant code contained in Hurricane Harvey. Once again, just as in the recent Comet Borisov and the Eye of Orion Observation, the Harvey code matches the current ongoing ritual findings, and also reveals that Harvey is a construct of some secret technology that at present is being manifest in Hurricane Harvey to achieve some unknown outcome.

In a few days, when Harvey has become more of a matter of fact, is when I will once again observe the outcome of what happens with Harvey and will report as necessary should any new observations become apparent. Reports of a Nuclear Reactor being threatened by Hurricane Harvey has been noted and will be monitored.

Lastly I would mention that the recent N. Korean, Missile Test that fired 3 missiles that were a supposed test failure, is in my opinion, a ritually timed event being used as apart of the mega ritual event that Hurricane Harvey represents.

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