Trump’s ‘Mad Dog’ Zionist Military Policy

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from Brother Nathanael:

Trump’s ‘Mad Dog’ Military Policy



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  1. predictivepreditivity

    December 12, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    Knowledge is available Spiritually, aka The Knowledge of The Roots, and Materially, aka The Knowledge of the Foliage.

    Like it, believe it, realise it, or not, The Knowledge of The Roots, The Knowledge which is Of Spirituality/Reality, is unfathomable by Human Thought. No Toots, “Sccience” has NO/ZERO answer to, for example, Gravity. Regardless of how “they” posture at “Opening Ceremonies”. More so, “Science” will not be able to realise that where there is Real Water, there will be Real Humans too. Whaat? You disagree beecuz you’ve “23.45 Degrees of Higher Learning” stamped across yore forehead by That Lot who award “Peace Prizes” to War Mongers? Be aware, then, that “That Lot” are a joke but you do not have to be a joke too. .. but, but, you have hired that Coat with Tails already ? That Dandy, eh?

    OTOH, More Than ALL “Know” about The Science behind Baking A Cake. Why, just ask Auntie This, That & The Other, if not Grandma too, whilst not forgetting those pseudo-scientists called “chefs” who describe Vinegar as “Acetic Acid”. How did Humans became this Stupid/”Egotistical” and Dumb/”Conditioned”/”SuperEgotistical”? Be aware that Being Arrogant is the sign that Malevolence had [re-]gained a foothold on one’s universe.

    The aim of knowing that some wiesel is a Barefaced Liar is not to be/”look” Knowledge-able but to be aware that Cruelty-Cunning INNATELY EXISTS. Whomsoever those maybe, one thing is 101.23% certain, and is that “they” know who “they” are – although their MO is to “look” Kind-Caring to The Unwary of Thought [UoT], said UoT being those those who ALWAYS squeal with delight whenever some Barefaced Liar is “Truthing” on them !

    Truths like, “Make Amerika Great Again” – which the typical Mesmerised of Thought will hear as, “Make You Great Again”. Perish The Thought, Sweets, and soon, The Real Message just might come piercing through. And there is no need to rush onto the streets to rejoice much like when Gossippers101 did when, “Osama ist Deadified”, somehow but don’t know how, came over The Ether/Vastness of Space.

    When there is no “Death”, how come Cruelty-Cunning is still Running Amok? Because The Vast Majority are, somehow but don’t know how, unable to realise that there is no “Death”. Then, Greed-Fear will grip those who are Innately Greedy-Fearful tighter than a noose. More alarming is that when The Vast Majority “awaken”, all they are able to do is to “Cast Aspersion” – at their Image in Reality. You know, to create Anger, of which duty is to liberate Its Guilt, Sooner if not Later. To “Finger-Point” as if, somehow but don’t know how, said awakened are The Already Perfect. When there is Guilt, being Angry is merely to “stretch”/extend said Guilt. This is because the ONLY way to Neutralise & Dissipate one’s Greed-Fear is NOT to be Greedy-Fearful. ALL know this, of course, with few being able to realise so when baited.

    Humans being either Innately Egotistical or Conditioned/”SuperEgotistical”, these matters cannot be mentioned without said Egotistical-SuperEgotistical not being driven onto their Guilt-Anger/Anger-Guilt. You know, To Venom Spit if only because that is merely Coughing Blood, Sooner or Later. This is why The Divine is Unconditional, being The Famous, The Fortunate & The Immortalised who is never, ever, so.

    The Innately Cruel-Cunning exists and The Kreature’s aim is to “switch-on” the Knowledge & Knowledging Mechanism of Thinkers via “highlighting”/exposing Cruelty-Cunning. That of Devolving via Replication. Do NOT be seduced by imagining that The Knowledge of The Material is the same as The Knowledge of The Spiritual. They are not so if only because The Spiritual is BEYOND [The Capacity of] The Material. BEYOND as in impossible TO REALISE/FATHOM, otherwise, Humans would be able to fathom Gravity, Germination and Cellular Division instead of trivialising those impossibilities by posturing The Bestest, Mostest & Greatest.

    When there is no absoluteness of “Death” other than when Energy Construction becoming Energy Destruction to destroy ALL that are Good For Nothing Real, let The Innately Cruel-Cunning do their worse/posturing if only because Innate Cruelty-Cunning is merely For Show. “WW3”? Really? Because you are able to stop WW3 by awakening The Mesmerised? But NOT when self is also The Mesmerised [of Thought]. The reason why The Myriad Imaginations of Frivolity & Nonsense are not only Running Riot, they are Running Amok too.

    Next, after Pillaging & Plundering because some book said those are AOK, “they” will be saying that “The Anti-Christ” is This, That & The Other in addition to some Pope-ing Chappie actually having The Knowledge of The Spiritual. But not when The Knowledge of The Material is being stretched successfully by Cruelty-Cunning as Thought.

    If The Divine exist, which He does as Truth-Love-Bliss, then Fame, Fortune & Immortality are merely Conditionalities for Seducing/”Owning” The Owna-ble. You know, those who imagine that Thought/Thinking is The Be-All, End-All, hee-hee, haw-haw.

    The Information which is Real is always Of The Present. OTOH, The Information which is Relative is always of The Past-Future. That of “The Dead”. Reality outside Of The Present has NO/ZERO meaning. This is because/why Reality is when What You Do is Who You Are. As such, this comment has no validity. If so, why comment? Why indeed.

    For example, there is no such thing as “Going Into Meditation”. You are either In Mediation or You Are Not. The individual, therefore, is either Real or Relative/Not. In Reality, To Predict is To Gamble/Guess. This is why, when The Myriad of Imaginations were shown to be unReal/Relative, their originators will merely offer another Set of Prediction instead of confessing their joke. The same reason why upon “Awakening”, The Vast Majority seldom atone for their “past sins” other than Finger-Pointing at The Sins of Others. How very convenient of The “Devolved”/Cruel-Cunning.

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