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Strange Pattern After 5.2 Earthquake Hits California, USGS Caught Manipulating Data, New Madrid

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from DAHBOO77:

VIDEO: USGS Has Once Again been caught trying to cover-up shallow, if not ground level, Earthquakes. This time it Centers around a 5.2 Earthquake that just struck in Southern California. The initial depth reading showed it registered in the Negative or at Ground Level. Even the global Incident map has it at just 1 km. But USGS Decided to go farther than that, and change the depth to a more average number, in the 12 km range. What is also strange about this event is the pattern from the quake swarm. The swarm it showing up in and odd formation, with many quakes hitting on a direct line of a rectangle shaped swarm perimeter.
On top of this we have also had an uptick in earthquakes hitting around the New Madrid Region, Mostly in Kentucky and Tennessee.

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