Obama & the Fall of the Empire — Harley Sclanger

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from SGTreport.com:


Barack Obama has played a direct role in covering up the truth behind the 9/11 event since the day he took office. In fact, 9/11 victims’ families just released a statement charging that Obama has stood in the way of justice by trying to block legislation that would allow them to sue Saudi Arabia for its role in 9/11. But the Senate unanimously passed JASTA any way, so Obama says he will veto it. It’s just another example of Obama putting foreign governments in front of truth and the American people. But with the House of Saud ripe for a fall, the classified 28 pages of the 9/11 report which implicate Saudi Arabia in the financing of the 9/11 false flag event – along with the green light to sue the Saudis from the US Senate, we may finally see the hardcore, horrible truth about 9/11 revealed. Can Obama put the genie back in the bottle? Harley Schlanger, a national spokesman for LaRouchePAC joins me to discuss this and much, much more.

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