METHANE DOOMSDAY!!! Amazing Proof of HAARP Melting the Arctic

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from The HAARP Report:

VIDEO: Our planet is being deliberately killed, and this video is some of the most powerful evidence ever captured. This video shows four stationary holes in the clouds, near Vancouver Island, April 27, 2016. The holes were caused by the US Navy Ionospheric Heater, Missile Defense Agency ships, and land based microwave transmitters.
Also, Navy transmitters in the Aleutian Islands are used to control areas of Low Pressure, and send them to the southern coast of Alaska.
This top secret Ionospheric Heater program is speeding up the release of billions of tons of the nightmare greenhouse gas, methane, which is still frozen in the shallow Arctic seabed (only 100 feet deep).
Methane has increased 3% in only three years, which is almost a 1% increase in total greenhouse gas, IN ONLY THREE YEARS!!!
The new methane is coming from the melting Arctic, fracking, tar sands, and the Los Angeles natural gas leak. This is the tipping point, that scientists have warned about, for decades.
Arctic ice coverage is the lowest in history, for this time of year. Alaska is setting many high temperature records (seven in April).
The leaking methane is accelerating the heating of the planet, and this top secret program is making it worse, as fast as possible!
All governments, and the International Criminal Court, must add this Arctic melting program to the Rome Statute on Genocide, so those responsible can be arrested and prosecuted.
These classified jet stream control technologies COULD be used to keep the Arctic frozen, instead, they are being used to melt it, as quickly as possible. This is a genocide conspiracy against the entire human race, and MUST be added to the list of international crimes.
Mankind has very little time left, to avoid a global catastrophe. We must stop this Arctic heating program now!
Please forward to scientists, and law enforcement around the world.
Thank you for watching.
(PS – do not lose hope! We can still save the planet, by fertilizing the oceans with soluble iron, releasing all classified “free energy” patents, and quickly manufacturing carbon-free energy sources, based on those patents.)