False Flag

The War On Terror – Cause And Effect

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from Press For Truth:

VIDEO: “The RCMP has charged a former University of Waterloo student, alleging that he participated in a terrorist group.
Kevin Omar Mohamed, 23, is to appear in court and face the new charge, in addition to two weapon offences against him.
The RCMP believes Mohamed was going to leave Canada and participate in terrorism abroad. He was preoccupied with the Syrian conflict, but his social media posts reveal that he was entirely anti-ISIS, instead supporting an al-Qaida faction Syria…Meanwhile, a major city in Syria, Palmyra, has been freed from ISIS control by Russian air power and Syrian soldiers. Of course, you won’t hear any of this good news in the West, and if you do, it’ll be spun to fit the narrative that Russia is acting illegally and Bashar Assad is a ruthless dictator.”